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   Burung Walit Online Registration System is setup to assist the company or individual involved in edible
   bird's nest industry to have a easy and quickest way to register their premise.
   Premises that requires to be registered with DVS includes bird premise, cave collection center,
   middleman, processor, trader and exporter.
   Online Registration can be done in 3 simple steps
        1. User create an account with this portal.
        2. User enters premise information using the online form.
        3. When finished, just click the submit button on the online form.
   In case of a user wanting to submit a physical form, please go to the Download page and download the
   relevant forms. There are 5 forms available - Premise, Middleman, Processor, Trader and Exporter.
   Fill up the form and submit it to the nearest DVS office near you.
   The DVS officers will arrange with the premise owner for a site visit for validation once the submitted
    forms have been vetted.
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